Duane Paul is an Elvis tribute artist whose
admiration for Elvis Presley goes back as

far as he can remember.  Elvis was and still
is a source

Duane Paul always had a bit of the
showman in him.  In the late 70's he use to
wrestle under the name Rickie Valentine.  
He even made it to the small screen when
he wrestled for the WWF.  In those days,
Duane would enter the ring in a red lame'
jacket, red patent leather boots and
trunks.  With shoulder length curly hair,
you would never think he is the same man
that now dons a studded jumpsuit, slings a
guitar around his neck and enters a room
to the sounds of 2001:A Space Odyssey.

Elvis Presley was an original, from the way
he looked to the way he sounded.  There
was nobody else like him and there never
will be.  Duane Paul just wants to pay
tribute to Elvis, it's his way of
saying..."Thank you, Elvis.  Thank you very
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